Aerial view of large sustainable electrical power plant with many rows of solar photovoltaic panels for producing clean ecological electric energy in morning. Renewable electricity with zero emission concept.

While greentech and environmental engineering are often considered modern concepts, the idea of making a machine, device or other technology green is nothing new.

The solar panel was invented in 1954, the first electric wind turbine was built in Scotland in 1887, inventors in Hungary, Sweden and the United States built the first electric cars as early as the 1830s. These early innovations show a long-standing interest in developing clean technologies.

With early signs of green technology, awareness and interest in recycling continues to grow. Modern recycling began during World War II when 400,000 volunteers collected metal, paper, rubber and other materials – a trend that led to the first curbside collection for recycling or composting in the 1960s. Technological and societal changes in recent decades have led to the modern wave of green technology. From ride-sharing apps to smart apps that allow us to measure our energy consumption, greentech is already changing the way we live.

At Groupe Curie, we will be part of this story, making a significant contribution with our know-how and vision of a better world.


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