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At Groupe Curie, we believe in delivering not just clean energy, but also clean service. Our dedicated team is always here to exceed your expectations and make the transition to a cleaner future seamless. Your satisfaction is our top priority. – Contact us !

GROUPE CURIE offers a comprehensive range of complementary services and state-of-the-art technologies for the implementation of complete plant renewal projects and the construction of new plants, drawing on innovation and experience.

Our plant construction management involves overseeing the design, construction, and commissioning of industrial plants, such as chemical plants, power plants, and manufacturing plants. Our services provided by a plant construction management team include:

Project planning and scheduling: Developing a project plan and timeline, including defining project scope, setting project goals and objectives, and identifying key stakeholders.

Budget and cost management: Estimating project costs, managing project budgets, and controlling project costs to stay within budget.

Quality assurance: Ensuring that the plant is built to meet all relevant regulations, standards, and specifications.

Safety management: Implementing safety protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of workers and the public during construction.

Procurement and subcontract management: Identifying and contracting with suppliers and subcontractors, and managing their work to ensure that it is completed on time and to the required standards.

Commissioning and start-up: Ensuring that the plant is properly commissioned and brought into operation, including testing and verifying that all systems and processes are functioning correctly.

Project closeout: Completing all final tasks and documents, and conducting a final review of the project to identify any lessons learned or areas for improvement.

Our services include:

– Consulting and support services

– Licensing of proprietary and third-party technologies

– Feasibility studies

– Basic & Detail Engineering

– Project management

– Procurement services

– Plant construction management

– Plant commissioning, start-up and optimisation

– Project contracting on a turnkey basis

After-sales technical services, including inspection, maintenance and process optimization of the plants

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