Groupe Curie was founded with roots in both the traditional chemical industry and sustainable energy production for industrial projects. The team consists of highly experienced professionals who have spent decades working in their respective industries and for leading global companies. Together, they share a common goal of providing sustainable energy and green chemical solutions. The existing team has an impressive track record of managing and overseeing the realization and projection of 22 chemistry plants in the last 25 years, spanning over 10 countries. In addition, they have collaborated with over 30 technology partners in more than 26 countries, highlighting their extensive global reach and expertise. This impressive history of success is a testament to the capabilities of Groupe Curie’s members and shareholders. 

At Groupe Curie, led by our forward-thinking CEO, our team demonstrates a visionary spirit. Each member contributes exceptional talents, adding to our collective experience of over 25 years in the development and construction of chemical plants, engineering of industrial parts, designing cutting-edge software, and providing service, maintenance, as well as solar and wind innovations. Our extensive network within Groupe Curie cultivates a collaborative environment that drives us to think differently and push the boundaries of what is possible in our field. We do more than innovate; we inspire.

The company name, which has a connection to Marie Salomea Sklodowska Curie, is a testimony to the pioneering work done in the fields of chemistry and physics in order to offer ever better sustainable solutions to customers worldwide. Backed by an internal innovative spirit of development creativity and thanks to significant investments in the development of core technologies and know-how for the production of hydrogen, ammonia, nitrate fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, Groupe Curie is today able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions and services.

Our cleantech consulting services for production companies provide customized solutions to make your production processes more sustainable and efficient:

  • Market research and analysis: Identifying market trends and opportunities, evaluating competitors, and assessing the potential for new products or services.
  • Technology development and commercialization: Assisting with the development of new cleantech technologies, and helping to bring them to market.
  • Strategy and business planning: Helping companies to develop and implement sustainable business strategies, and to identify new revenue streams.
  • Financing and investment: Assisting companies to secure funding and investment for their cleantech projects and ventures.
  • Regulatory compliance and policy: Helping companies to navigate the complex regulatory environment surrounding cleantech, and to advocate for policies that support the growth of the industry.
  • Supply Chain and operations: Optimizing the production process to reduce cost and improve performance.
  • Sustainability and CSR: Developing sustainability strategy and implementing sustainable practices.
  • Energy management and efficiency: Providing assistance with energy management and efficiency to reduce costs and improve environmental performance.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Advising on M&A opportunities and providing support during the transaction process.
  • Data analytics: Providing support with data analytics and modeling to assist with decision-making, forecasting, and optimization.

We offer sustainable consulting services for following fields:

Agriculture and farming

  • Food and beverage production (Meat and poultry production, Seafood production, Dairy and milk production, Fruit and vegetable production, Bakery and confectionery production, Beverage production, etc)
  • Food processing and packaging
  • Chemistry production
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Cosmetics production
  • Biotechnology
  • Organic and natural food production
  • Functional food and supplements production
  • Meat alternatives production
  • Culinary and hospitality industry.

Our team consists of experienced CEOs from the chemical industry, Board members, Business developer manager, Advisors, Chemistry specialist, Environmental chemist, Product developer, Industrial Engineers, Specialized production workers with chemical background and experience in the chemical and ammonia industry.

C-Level team

Average over 20 years of management experience in the chemical industry, Coordinating of the day-to-day operations, Mining, Research & Development, M&A.

Chemistry team

Average over 25 years of experience in the field of chemistry, research, transformation and manufacturing of raw materials.

Production team

Average over 25 years of experience in production management in the chemical industry with a focus on ammonia and fertilizer production.

Engineering partner

Average over 50 years experience in investment management in the chemical industry, in particular for design and construction of ammonia plants.

We develop infrastructure for a sustainable planet

Cleantech Industry

As a pioneering company, Groupe Curie is involved in the development and operation of green, resource-saving infrastructures for chemical products using groundbreaking CleanTech processes. The focus is on increasing efficiency in all energy and production processes, as well as emission-free production of green hydrogen, green ammonia and other derivatives. The world’s increasing demand for natural and finite resources makes it necessary to combine ecological and economic aspects in sustainable management with new processes. Groupe Curie is taking the first step in environmentally sustainable production, pioneering the use of clean technologies, the demands of environmental and economic sustainability, with an increased sense of social responsibility. As a producer sustainable chemicals Groupe Curie  provide best suited products and expertise to improve our customers’ product quality, process and resource efficiency. Our focus is on energy, inorganic basic chemicals, organic basic chemicals and speciality chemicals.

Clients & Partners

Sustainable Energy is the key of a better future for all !