Innovating the Future of Sustainable Bio-Materials: Our Mission to Develop new Organic Compounds

At Groupe Curie, we are driven by a profound commitment to developing sustainable solutions that address the world’s most pressing challenges. A key focus of our work lies in advancing sustainable bio-materials derived from organic sources, including organic fibres like hemp and others. This pursuit of sustainability is embodied in our esteemed subsidiary, BIOSYNTHETIX.

Recognizing the immense potential of bio-plastics to replace conventional petroleum-based plastics, which significantly contribute to pollution and climate change, we understand the critical importance of ensuring their sustainability. Many bio-plastics available today still rely on non-renewable resources or fossil fuels, hindering their overall environmental impact. To overcome this challenge, our team of highly skilled organic chemists at BIOSYNTHETIX is dedicated to pioneering novel and innovative compounds that give rise to fully sustainable and biodegradable bio-plastics.

Through our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge research and development, we are leading a revolutionary transformation within the bio-plastics industry. By doing so, we actively contribute to the establishment of a more sustainable future.

Our sustainable organic compounds, meticulously crafted by BIOSYNTHETIX, are designed to naturally degrade in the environment without leaving behind harmful microplastics or other pollutants. This distinctive feature ensures the preservation of ecological integrity while meeting the demanding requirements of various industries, including packaging, consumer goods, automotive, and construction.

At Groupe Curie, we firmly believe that sustainable bio-plastics possess the power to reshape industries and drive substantial positive change. By embracing the bio-plastics developed by BIOSYNTHETIX, companies can effectively reduce their carbon footprint and actively contribute to the creation of a more sustainable future.

As pioneers in this vital endeavor, we take immense pride in our role. Our team of dedicated organic chemists at BIOSYNTHETIX tirelessly strives to develop groundbreaking compounds that empower the production of truly sustainable bio-plastics. Together, we can shape a better future for ourselves and generations to come.

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