Quelle: Youtube Euro News

As a high-income, fast-growing country where many impossible things have been made possible, the United Arab Emirates struggles daily with the challenges of rapid growth and urbanization. Yet Dubai, an economic leader, is setting an example for the future to be green. By deciding to do something about emissions, the desert metropolis is looking to add to its reputation: By 2050, Dubai wants to be the most sustainable city in the world! Planned investments of $163 billion over the next decades aim to transform Dubai to meet its energy, water and building needs in a sustainable way. In 2017, the United Arab Emirates unveiled its Energy Strategy 2050. The initiative aims to increase the share of clean energy in total energy consumption to 50% by 2050, while reducing the carbon footprint of electricity generation by 70%. The government’s record $13.6 billion solar park, which will rise out of the Dubai desert, is seen as one of many energy investments in a greener way to power the city. The park will produce some of the cheapest and cleanest electricity in the world.

This is the kind of project that Groupe Curie supports with its partners and follows the same paths.


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