Groupe Curie, a leader in sustainable development, and Meyerburger, a renowned solar panel producer, have joined forces to achieve a remarkable feat: constructing the biggest industrial rooftop solar installation in Switzerland. This impressive achievement stretches across a massive 9,000 square meters – equivalent to 1.2 football pitches – gracing the facilities of FERAG AG in Hinwil.

The project involved a strong partnership between Groupe Curie, represented by their Performance Partner CIMEC AG, and Meyerburger. A total of 2,632 Meyer Burger White 380 W solar panels, produced by Meyerburger themselves, were installed across five rooftops, generating a significant 1,100 KWp of clean energy. This translates to covering a substantial portion, 40%, of FERAG AG’s own energy needs.

“Meyer Burger embodies the same principles of sustainability, quality, performance efficiency and ecology as FERAG AG,” said Christoph Müller, Head of Facility Management at FERAG AG. “They also offer the best warranty services. With this solar plant, we are making ourselves significantly independent of price fluctuations in the electricity market.”

This successful collaboration exemplifies Groupe Curie and Meyerburger’s dedication to shaping a clean energy future. By working together with partners and customers, they are constantly seeking innovative solutions to achieve this shared responsibility of environmental stewardship. The FERAG AG rooftop project serves as a beacon, inspiring other industrial facilities in Switzerland to embrace similar sustainable practices.

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