The dream of virtually inexhaustible solar power generation from the Arabian desert has come true. Countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia are taking […]
As a high-income, fast-growing country where many impossible things have been made possible, the United Arab Emirates struggles daily with the challenges of […]
While greentech and environmental engineering are often considered modern concepts, the idea of making a machine, device or other technology green is nothing […]
Greentech technology refers to the use of clean technologies to achieve positive environmental impacts and reduce negative effects on the climate. This means […]
The production of green ammonia from renewable feedstocks will be an important pillar of the future global economy. With green ammonia, Groupe Curie […]
Ammonia plays a crucial role in food production, but accounts for 1% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. This is mainly because traditional […]
The agricultural photovoltaic market remains a small segment. In the future, covered fields will provide us not only with vegetables, but also with […]
The world is calling for accelerated cooperative climate action to reduce emissions. A solution to this is no longer wishful thinking. With the […]
Hydrogen-powered cruise ships The Swiss-Italian shipping company MSC announced the construction of two new cruise ships. The ships will be equipped with an […]
The world’s first hydrogen train fleet is now in permanent scheduled operation. This is a major step forward for sustainable mobility and a […]