June 2023 – Groupe Curie approach the Gulf Cooperation Council

Groupe Curie is approaching the GCC states to develop Cleantech projects!

We are thrilled to announce another significant milestone for Groupe Curie! We have recently signed groundbreaking contracts with esteemed partners in the UAE to embark on a journey of developing transformative Cleantech projects. As we set our sights on the GCC states(Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Qatar,Kuwait an Bahrain) we are excited to contribute to the region’s sustainable development through our expertise in solar, wind, hydrogen, and green chemistry.

At Groupe Curie, we believe in the power of innovation and collaboration to address the pressing challenges of our time. Our mission is clear: to engineer cutting-edge solutions that pave the way for a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future. Through our Cleantech initiatives, we are committed to revolutionizing the way we generate and harness energy, while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

With our extensive experience and technical proficiency, we are poised to drive meaningful change in the GCC states. By deploying advanced solar technologies, harnessing the potential of wind energy, leveraging the power of hydrogen, and leveraging our expertise in chemistry, we aim to create a positive impact on the local environment and contribute to the region’s ambitious sustainability goals.

Our team of dedicated experts is at the forefront of Cleantech innovation, continuously exploring new frontiers and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We work closely with our UAE partners, combining our strengths and knowledge to develop innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of the region. Through collaborative research and development efforts, we will pioneer groundbreaking projects that showcase the transformative potential of Cleantech.

March 2023 – Consortia on Bio sustainable materials in Italy established!

Groupe Curie and Italian manufacturer Collaborate on Sustainable Bio-Materials Production Facility

Groupe Curie is pleased to announce our collaboration with an Italian manufacturer, a leading producer of sustainable bio-materials for industrial use and the car industry. Together with the subsidiary BIOSYNTHETIX, we will be building a prototype of a Sustainable Bio-Materials Production Facility in Italy, which will be powered by green hydrogen and renewable energy. The facility will use an electrolyzer system to generate green hydrogen from renewable sources such as solar and wind energy. With 25 MW solar plant and 1 MW of wind-turbines, the facility will be able to produce several tons of green hydrogen per year, which will be used in the production process of sustainable bio-compounds.

Our team of engineers and scientists, in collaboration with the Italian fabric will work to optimize the production process to minimize waste and energy consumption. The prototype facility will also utilize cutting-edge technology in the production process, including high-pressure fermentation and bioreactors, to produce bio-plastics from organic waste materials.

The facility will be one of the first in Europe to produce bio-compounds in a truly sustainable way, using organic waste materials to produce eco-friendly, biodegradable bio-compounds with a low carbon footprint. The bio-compounds will be marketed to industrial customers and the car industry. Our goal is to create a prototype that is not only environmentally sustainable, but also economically viable. We believe that by leveraging our expertise and our commitment to sustainability, we can create a prototype that will be profitable and attractive to investors.

Once the prototype is established, we plan to replicate it in other locations, both in Italy and in other countries. Our aim is to create a network of sustainable bio-materials production facilities that will contribute to the development of a more sustainable and circular economy.

Overall, we are excited about this project and believe that it represents a unique opportunity to create a more sustainable future for ourselves and for future generations. The collaboration between the Italian fabric, BIOSYNTHETIX and Groupe Curie, and our commitment to building a prototype of a sustainable bio-materials production facility that can be replicated in other locations, represents a major step forward in our collective effort to combat climate change and promote sustainability.

March 2023 – Groupe Curie Poland launch international technology consortia in Wind

Groupe Curie Poland Leads Breakthrough Wind Turbine Project !

Europe’s Wind Energy Sector is set to witness a technological breakthrough with the development of a new wind turbine by a team of international experts. Groupe Curie Research & Development, a startup led by Christian Esterhammer, working by Airbus. 

Her expertise and vision are integral to the success of the wind turbine project and the company’s mission to advance sustainable technologies is collaborating with a consortium of experts from across Europe to develop a revolutionary wind turbine technology. The consortium includes Prof. Dominique Thévenin, Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hoerner, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roberto Leidhold, Eng. Vincenzo Linoci, Dipl. Eng. from Italy, Antoine Parrella and Dipl. Eng. Günter Esterhammer as leading expert, and MAS Christian Esterhammer from Germany, each bringing their expertise in wind dynamics, generator development, sustainable materials, industrial processes, and software development.

The project aims to design and construct two types of turbines, one or industrial use and another one for commercial use. The turbines will be optimized for maximum efficiency and effectiveness through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) flow optimization.

The project will go through different technology readiness levels. The consortium members have complementary expertise, making them well-equipped to develop the breakthrough technology.

The Otto-von-Guericke University in Germany is supporting the project by providing critical infrastructure and resources needed to carry out the project activities. Groupe Curie Switzerland under the lead of the CEO Antoine Parrella is supporting the team with Quality management. The Swiss company will assist as external partner in quality testing and other critical aspects of the project, helping to ensure that the turbines meet the highest standards of performance and safety for commercial and industrial use.

Antoine Parrella as the CEO of Groupe Curie Research AG, is guiding the team to develop sustainable materials and innovative solutions. The team is committed to open science practices and gender balance to ensure that the project is inclusive and representative.

Through this collaboration, Groupe Curie Research & Development and the consortium of experts and 2 other sustainable European companies aim to transform the renewable energy sector by introducing a game-changing technology that will contribute to the global effort to reduce carbon emissions and move towards a sustainable future.

*The project is part of the EIC Pathfinder Open 2023 grant initiative

February 2023 – Research & Development company in Szczecin !

Groupe Curie Poland Research & Development

We are excited to announce the establishment of the independent Groupe Curie Sp. z o.o., Research and Development in Poland, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and innovation in the chemical industry.

Led by Dr. Eng. Anna Podolak and her team, the company will focus on sustainable cleantech innovations, materials for cleantech, cleantech technologies, and chemical production technologies. With Poland’s extensive experience in green ammonia and other chemical fields, it is an ideal location for our center.

In Poland, we can rely on experienced people from the chemistry industry in hydrogen and ammonia. This expertise will be invaluable as we work to develop new solutions for the green transition.

Groupe Curie Poland will leverage this expertise to create new opportunities and achieve successful results. Dr. Eng. Anna Podolak said, “We are proud to be a part of Poland’s rich industrial heritage and look forward to contributing to its future growth!”

At Groupe Curie, we believe that investing in sustainable technology and innovative research is key to creating a better world. With the establishment of Groupe Curie Poland, we are taking another step towards achieving this vision.

February 2023 – Groupe Curie launch hydrogen-valley.ch

Groupe Curie launch the first physical hydrogen-valley hub in Switzerland!

Groupe Curie Switzerland lanuch the first physical hydrogen-valley in Switzerland, a platform dedicated to promoting the integration of clean and sustainable energy solutions in Switzerland and beyond. The focus is on hydrogen and its potential as a game-changer in the transition to a more sustainable energy future. At Hydrogen Valley, Groupe Curie will  bring together companies, engineers, developers, and other stakeholders who share our passion for cleantech and hydrogen. The platform provides physical and logical a space to connect, collaborate, and drive the development of hydrogen technologies. The web address is: https://www.hydrogen-valley.ch and the location is situated in Kemptthal canton Zurich.  

January 2023 – Groupe Curie launch a
SME Building concept

Groupe Curie realize a small and middle enterprises concept with hybrid energy production and hydrogen storage.

To make industrial buildings sustainable, Groupe Curie has developed a self-contained concept and technology to produce energy during the day and night, store this energy in hydrogen and use it again when needed, e.g. to power a heat pump, lighting or charge an electric vehicle. The remaining energy can also be fed back into the public grid as needed.

December 2022 – Groupe Curie will establish a subsidiary company in Dubai (UAE)

Groupe Curie is planning to open a subsidiary in Dubai.

Groupe Curie Switzerland will open a subsidiary in Dubai to handle the planning and development of client enquiries from Dubai. Dubai has set itself the goal of becoming the greenest city in the world. In the coming months, important meetings on planned green infrastructure projects will take place in Dubai with current and future business partners, potential clients and green infrastructure investors.

October 2022 – Groupe Curie realize a
1 MW solar plant in Swizerland.

Groupe Curie realize a solar plant with 1 MW capacity in Switzerland in collaboration with its Swiss subsidiary.

For a well-known Swiss industrial company, named Ferag AG, Groupe Curie AG, in cooperation with its Swiss subsidiary and the solar module manufacturer Meyerburger, will commission a solar plant for 1 MW by the end of December 2022. Due to the scarce energy resources in Europe, Groupe Curie have received numerous requests for the commissioning of a solar or wind plant with subsequent upgrade possibility to own hydrogen production. For the realization of the solar plant, high-grade and high-performance components with 380 Watt per solar module of the leading Swiss-German solar module manufacturer Meyerburger were used. Groupe Curie will realize further projects in Switzerland and Europe in the foreseeable future, relying on hetero-junction modules from the local company Meyerburger.

October 2022 – Groupe Curie will launch 25MW plant in South Italy

Groupe Curie is planning a 25 MW solar plant out of a total of 750 MW.

Groupe Curie, together with its solar cell partner, will build a highly efficient industrial solar plant with a capacity of 25 MW in south Italy, which will serve as the first step towards the construction of a solar park with a higher capacity. The solar park will also serve as an energy source for the planned hydrogen and ammonia plant. High-efficiency solar modules using heterojunction technology with amorphous cells are planned for the solar plant. The smart grid technology used enables effective management and distribution of the energy sources applied, such as solar, wind and industrial batteries. All energy resources are connected to the power grid via a variety of decentralised energy resources.

September 2022 – Groupe Curie becomes an equal shareholder in a Swiss solar development company.

Groupe Curie becomes an equal partner in a Swiss solar company of industrial solar plants.

To maintain its lead in the production of green energy and green chemical products, it is important that the development and design of the technologies come from a single source. With the acquisition of shares in a Swiss solar development company that has already realized several solar projects throughout Europe, Groupe Curie will become even more agile in project implementation. This is an important step towards quality and service reliability. In addition, research and development of products in the solar cell sector is being driven forward, particularly in connection with high-performance solar cells with thin-film and tandem modules, which are suitable for energy generation in the chemical industry.

September 2022 – Groupe Curie opens office in Alicante – Spain

Groupe Curie establish a representation office in Alicante.

Groupe curie has opened an office in Alicante and will begin a project study for an ammonia plant in the area in the next few weeks. The goal is to develop a replication model of the Green Ammonia plant for Alicante based on the findings and feasibility study from the project in Italy. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year and the proximity to industrial sites, Alicante is predestined for a Green Hydrogen and Ammonia plant. Furthermore, a study on a UREA production plant will be initiated in Spain in the coming months. Furthermore we will have the opportunity to start discussions with Spanish investors who want to invest in Green Infrastructure.

September 2022 – Groupe Curie opens office in Milano – Italy

Groupe Curie establish a representation office in Milano.

Groupe Curie opens a representative office in Milan (Italy) to better reach investors, customers and partners from Switzerland. In the coming months, important meetings on planned green infrastructure projects will be held weekly in Milan with current and future business partners, potential clients and green infrastructure investors. The Milan office is very centrally located in the middle of the city at Corso Venezia 12, IT-20212 Milan and offers an excellent infrastructure for project planning and meetings.

August 2022 – Groupe Curie open subsidiary in Italy

Groupe Curie will establish a new representation office in South Italy.

Groupe Curie Switzerland opens a representation office in Italy to take over the planning and development of sustainable production facilities in Italy. The company will be established in Via Raffaele Morghen 36, 80129 Naples and will initially employ a team of technical and business consultants dedicated to the task of realizing the planned green hydrogen and green ammonia production plant in Italy.

August 2022 – Local energy and resources request to Groupe Curie

Local industry will purchase green energy, green hydrogen and green ammonia from Groupe Curie.

A broad industrial consortium from Southern Italy, in collaboration with the local communities and university, was submitting a proposal to Groupe Curie for green energy and raw material supply to an entire industrial site with dozens of megawatts of energy demand. This give the Groupe Curie a chance to strategically anchor itself firmly with the local industry and take an important position as a strategical energy and resource supplier.

July 2022 – Up to 40% more energy yield from industrial wind turbine !

New breakthrough and extremely efficient wind turbine patented.

Groupe Curie and its engineering partners have developed a new industrial wind turbine design that can produce up to 40% more energy compared to the competitors. The industrial design is conceived in such a way that no blade wheels are visible from the outside and the construction also integrates well into the landscape. With the wind turbine it will be possible to maintain production also at night and in the winter period.


Groupe Curie is planning a new Green Ammonia plant in the industrial area in Italy.

After several discussions with the local authorities, the municipalities, the region and the universities, Groupe Curie has located an industrial site in Southern Italy where a Green Hydrogen and Ammonia plant will be built. The construction of this new plant has been very well received by the local economic partners and representatives. The local universities and their departments will support the project. 

June 2022 – Talks with Italian consortia

Important Consortia from Italy welcome the production of Ammonia and derivates in Italy. 

Groupe Curie has started discussions with important local partners from different consortia which would like to purchase hydrogen, ammonia and ammonium nitrate from Groupe Curie Italy. The most important consortia in Italy are ready for a strategic cooperation and have offered their hand. 

March 2022 – 50% share of women in production and management targeted

Groupe Curie aims for equality in production and management. The next Top manager from chemical industry, will be a woman.

Groupe Curie board of directors aims for women in economic decision-making and moves in line with the resolution of the EU Parliament. The new Top Manager of Groupe Curie is a woman and is part of the board of directors and will with her huge experience in the field of industrial chemistry help to improve the Investment management and the strategy of the company. 

February 2022 – NEW GREEN AMMONIA PLANT Design until 500 KMT/y of Ammonia

New Ammonia Plant Design with High Efficient Production!

Groupe curie has developed an ammonia production plant design that incorporates high-efficiency production elements. This pioneering hydrogen and ammonia production will be groundbreaking for decades to come. The production plant is powered by different sustainable energy sources. The design allows a self-sufficient operation of the facility.

Nov 2021 – Fesibility-Study of Green Ammonia plant

Groupe Curie launched a feasibility Study of a Green Ammonia plant in Italy.

After laying the foundations for an efficient self-sufficient Green Ammonia production plant with world-leading energy engineering and technology partners, Groupe Curie is preparing a first feasibility study on a hydrogen and ammonia production plant in Italy. The project includes highly efficient electrolyzers, innovative electricity production from solar, wind and water, and breakthrough energy storage. The project is absolutely environmentally friendly and has zero waste.

October 2019 – All start with a common vision of the future !

We want to establish a fossil independent industry !

A common idea becomes reality and the future Groupe Curie team develops the idea of moving away from fossil fuels and producing only sustainable chemical products. The Green Ammonia Plant vision is born ! The vision is alive ! From the experience of Groupe Curie specialists, a new brand and a 100% sustainable production plant is designed in collaboration with engineering partners. The idea quickly resonates throughout the team and spreads exponentially like a spark of hope for a better planet !

Good news starts from a common Vision..